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Ohio Association of
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Dedicated to promoting Veterinary Technicians and quality animal healthcare through:
Education, Legislation and High Ethical Standards
OAVT History

The Constitution of the O.A.V.T.

"Click here to download The Constitution of the O.A.V.T. document."

Who is the O.A.V.T.?

The Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians consists of the Executive Committee and the membership.

The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President and two representatives from each of the nine districts in Ohio. The Executive Committee meets 6 times a year to share the ideas of the membership as a whole and then formulate policy. To be eligible for office in the Association, a nominee must �be an active member of the Association and shall have served as a Member on the Board of Trustees of said Association.�

The President is responsible for delegating chairpersons for each of several committees. These include:

Membership committee, �responsible for determining eligibility and approving applications of candidates for membership in the various classification as established by the Constitution of the O.A.V.T.�

Nominations Committee, �responsible for soliciting and receiving nominations for all offices to be filled as specified in Article V, Section 1 of the Constitution�

Program Committee, responsible for the formulation and organization of continuing education programs

Public Relations Committee, responsible for preparing and dissemination information on Association affairs through various media including displays, presentations, etc. Also any functions as are considered appropriate to serve as liaison between the Association and the general public

Newsletter Committee which is charged with publishing a newsletter to all members of the Association at least four times a year; Other Committees are Constitution & By-Laws, and Student Awards.

The O.A.V.T. has threeLiaison positions to establish communication between the Veterinary Technicians and each of the following organizations: The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, The Ohio Veterinary Medical Board and the Columbus Academy of Veterinary Medicine. There are a great many opportunities to serve your organization. Currently we are looking for energetic people to serve on most of the committees and as District representatives.

The Association is only as strong as its membership and always welcomes new ideas and faces. You are the O.A.V.T.

What is the O.A.V.T.?

The Ohio Association of Veterinary Technicians is the largest organization in the state of Ohio that is concerned solely with the welfare of Ohio's Registered Veterinary Technicians.

When you support the O.A.V.T. by becoming a member, you benefit by receiving professional fellowship which stimulates growth both as a person and a technician. You also receive the newsletter which the O.A.V.T. Publishes quarterly to keep Technicians informed of state activities.

The O.A.V.T. Is responsible for promoting and encouraging the upgrading of the professional status of the Registered Veterinary Technician.

The O.A.V.T. makes continuing education available and easily accessible to all technicians.

The O.A.V.T. develops programs to make communities aware of the technician's functions and role in the veterinary profession.

The O.A.V.T. is a professional organization consisting of more than 800 professional RVT's and growing.

The veterinary commuinity has lost a very dear friend, Ms. Barbara Madison.
In 2004, Ms. Madison jointed our organization as Executive Secretary. She will be greatly missed.

What is the O.A.V.T.?

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