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The Nine Districts

Answering Your District Questions

Ever wonder to which district you belong or who to contact to attend meetings in your area? Here's a little help!

Ohio is broken into 9 districts. Each district has a representative who attends executive board meetings to learn what's new on the state level and coordinate that with what is happening on a local level. District Representatives help connect veterinary technicians from across the state and allow concerns of local technicians to be voiced.

Move your mouse over the county located on the district map below to find which district the county is located.
District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8 District 9

Our List of Representatives

Now that you know your local district, who are your chosen representatives? Who are the people that help you relay information at the board meetings? Here are your representatives listed by district. The "OPEN!" title means that we are currently looking for representatives from these districts to attend meetings and keep their fellow Vet Techs up to date and informed.

District One:

Our job is to conduct ourselves in relation to the public, our colleagues and the allied professions, so as to merit their full confidence and respect.
  • Christie Myers, RVT - You can email Christie

District Two:

Our job is to strive continually to improve our knowledge and skills. If you live or work in this district and are interested in this position, let us know. If you know someone else that may be interested, please help us spread the word that we are currently looking for a District Two representative.
  • OPEN! - District Representative Wanted.

District Three:

Our job is to willingly share our knowledge and skills with our colleagues to increase the quality of service and enhance the standing of our profession.
  • OPEN! - District Representative Wanted.

District Four:

Our job is to safeguard the public and ourselves against technicians deficient in moral character or professional competence.
  • Peggy Dahlhausen, RVT - You can email Peggy

District Five:

Our job is to observe all laws, uphold the honor and dignity of our profession, and accept its self-imposed discipline.
  • Rachel McGinty/Crystal Sims

District Six:

Our behavior shall reflect a high standard of ethics and morals. Dress, speech, actions and attitudes shall reflect professionalism and promote public confidence.
  • OPEN! - District Representative Wanted.

District Seven:

Our job is to be loyal and hold in confidence the privileged information of the client and/or patient.
  • Cindy Curto, RVT - You can email Cindy

District Eight:

Our job is to strive to know the limitations of our training and stay within the bounds of those limitations.
  • Kingsley Berlin, RVT - You can email Kingsley

District Nine:

Our job is to strive continually to improve our knowledge and skills.
  • OPEN! - District Representative Wanted.
Knowing what our collective jobs are, tell us how we are doing. If you would like to see more contact information listed here, let us know. This information is posted to help you, the RVT, get in touch with your local representatives so that you can voice your opinions and concerns and get pertinent information.

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District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9