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Ohio Association of
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Dedicated to promoting Veterinary Technicians and quality animal healthcare through:
Education, Legislation and High Ethical Standards

The Purpose of the Committees

The purpose of these committees is to aid in the responsibility of Organizational progression and provide direction to meetings based on the interests of the Organization and the committee. Due to the high volume and complexity of its work, there are currently 13 committees active in the OAVT. These committees, which represent all areas within the Organization, advise the president.

The Committee Members

Here is the complete listing of all the committees represented in the Organization and its members.

The Student Awards Committee
Receive completed applications and review submissions then submit final choices to the Board for voting.

Chairperson:  Open
Members:  Cindy Curto / Earl Harrison

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee
Responsible for periodically reviewing and recommending revisions to the Constitution and By-Laws.

Chairperson:  Kingsly Berlin

The Discovery Programs Committee
Soliciting suggestions from membership as to the content of program. Organize the program, obtain speakers, and contacting exhibitors.

Chairperson:  Open

The Facebook Committee

Chairperson:  Kingsly Berlin

The Finance Committee
Develop a budget and present financial reports. Auditing the treasury whenever the Treasurer position is changed.

Chairperson:  Peggy Dahlhausen
Members:  Janet Buck / Kingsly Berlin

The Legislative Committee
Monitor legislation, keep the OAVT in good standing with the State of Ohio, lobbying on behalf of technicians.

Chairperson:  Kingsly Berlin

The Membership Committee
Determine the elegibility and approving applications of candidates for membership, keep accurate the current record of names and addresses of members, distinguish which district each member resides.

Members: Ashley Jenkins / Lauren Krohn / Peggy Dahlhausen

The MVC Committee
This is a committee of the OVMA. Responsibilities include suggesting and obtaining speakers the technician tracks at MVC.

Chairperson:  Open
Co-Chairperson:  Dr. Angela Beal
Members:  Mackenzie Engel / Kristie Houlles-Burd / Darcy Merrell Skaggs

The Newsletter Committee
Responsible for communications with the membership of the Association.

Chairperson:  Cindy Curto
Members:  Peggy Dahlhausen

The Nominating Committee

Chairperson:  Cindy Curto

The Public Relations Committee
Responsible for preparing and disseminating information on Association affairs through various media including displays, presentations, and other functions considered appropriate to serve as liaison between the Association and the general public.

Chairperson:  Open
Members:  Peggy Dahlhausen

The Social Media Committee
Maintenance of Facebook content and access.

Chairperson:  Open

The VNI Update Committee

Chairperson:  Rachel McGinty / Kingsly Berlin

The Website Committee
Maintenance of the contracts with web designer, keeping the website current.

Chairperson:  Open
Members:  Rachel McGinty / Ashley Jenkins
Volunteering for
a Committee

Contact the OAVT secretary: oavtsecretary@ohiorvt.org

Committees that have immediate openings:
Newsletter Committee